Best Practices for the X5

I’ve been using the X5 for over a year now and like it a lot, however there are inconsistencies with it, such as after long use the plastic will stop extruding and the z height will go a little too low or too high and the first layer will mess up.
So my questions are:

Should the X5 be used all day every day or do they need time to cool down?

Should the extruder heads be cooled down, if so, how often?

How long until the extruder motors need replacement? (sometimes they get very hot to the touch and cause the plastic to melt around the gear)

How long until the z motor needs replacement to prevent it from moving down an extra couple of steps?

Does the motherboard need to be turned off and cooled down ever?

How often to clean out the nozzles or replace them?

What are some other preventative maintenance (PM) should I be doing?

Thank you.