Bed Scraping Issue

Having a random issue. Connected through USB -> slice and send a simple XYZ calibration cube -> printer starts scraping into the build plate. Immediately turn the thing off. Exact same print after closing software -> prints perfectly.


Bed has some pretty gnarly scrapes in it now.


Bed levelling is exactly the same setting as it’s always been. Just started having this issue about 6 days ago.





Sounds like your z-axis stop screw at the top of the Z-axis tower could be loose or changed somehow. I believe it is used a the Z-axis reference. Check the calibration to see if it has changed.

<p>I am having the same issue. Bed all scraped up now.</p><p>I need to calibrate it, not just initialize it every time I want to print.</p><p>What can be my issue?</p>

<p>If you’ve already calibrated your Z axis, I would suggest checking the Y axis leveling. You can do this by paper checking all 9 points of the build platform on the calibration screen. The paper should feel the same at all 9 points. If it is way out, then check the following:</p><p></p>