Bed only heating to 60C before starting

I have read that the bed temperature should be 90C for ABS+.

I have set the preheat at 15m/30m & 45m but it only ever seems to reach around 60 (62.3 highest I’ve seen) no matter how long I seem to wait.

Am I missing something or do I have a fault?

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My up mini2 will often start printing at 54% of 80C and climb to 74% after about 15 minutes. With the correct first layer nozzle offset your ABS prints should be ok. For large ABS prints we use the perf board and raft. We do the Smaller prints on the flex board and glue sticks. Keeping the nozzle temperature set just a bit lower helps. A higher temperature of the enclosed chamber is a plus for ABS shrinkage control.