Bed levelling issue

Just got my printer and have major issues with it - it can’t even successfully print a raft!

  • I’m using the included white UP ABS.
  • I’ve tried levelling the bed using the UP Studio and the included calibration card
  • I’ve tried printing with and without a raft
  • I’ve tried both perf-board and flex-board
  • Printer is UP Mini 2 ES, latest firmware, serial number 262933

The print bed appears to be significantly lower on one side to the other? I understand that there is no physical bed levelling but I would expect that out of the box it could at least print a damn raft before failing!

Am I missing something or will I have to be returning this as not fit for purpose??

First make sure the nozzle height value is correctly set, so that the first lyaer is adhering properly.
Then do a manual 9 point leveling with the calibration card included, so that you will get 9 compensation values, These value should not have difference larger than 0.5mm.
Finally make sure to use raft to print on perforated board, if use no raft, the leveling data will not apply to the print.

Hi Jason, these values are significantly higher than 0.5mm.

I have since manually measured the difference from front left to front right and have found that the left side of the printer is around 1.2mm lower. This indicates to me a faulty product and I have started the return process with whom I purchased from.

not a faulty product. just need manually levelled.