Bad Support - Send it Back

I've had enough of the lack of support to resolve me issues.  I'm copying my support request here for all to see.

"Your lack of support to resolve me issues with the printer have convinced me you do not stand behind your product.  Therefore I officially request an RMA number and instructions to return the MKii extended and heated printer bed for a full refund.
Serial No: 70172150
DHL Tracking: 3895455933 signed on 2017-12-26

I am well within your 14 day return time frame per your terms on the website."

I send them a video  of the printer not working and all I get is silence.

I contacted them at least four times through their support and I get no response other than the automated reply.

I'm pissed.  I'm through.  I want my money back.

Have always found Cetus service to be top notch. Had a problem with extruded feeding  they answered email immediately and sent replacement parts with priority shipping. Would buy another in an instant. 

I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about both the printer and the support. I to had issues with my extruded and they have offered to send replacement parts to me as well and just sent them the requested info to receive those parts.

As far as the printer goes its a good printer. Not the best but it is good and for the most part reliable. I have just finished getting my laser working with it as well. For the price the printer is great. The only thing I wish they had is a good heat bed. I am not willing to invest in the one they offer as it doesn’t reach very high temps.

With that being said I like the printer and would recommend both the printer and the company to others.