Bad sales service

I can understand that someone can be satisfied with the Cetus sales service, but this is not my case

On the page of the printer is indicated that there are 200 ready for delivery, I waited a week, I wrote a first complaint, they said that they would have provided, it is still days and no indication that the printer has left their warehouse, no tracking, nothing.

Naturally I have asked for the reimbursement and the cancellation of the order, and I am sure that in order to have my money back I will have to wait for more weeks

Surely after this bad experience I do not recommend anyone to buy their product, not because they are not good but because their seriousness towards the customer is the worst I’ve ever had.
Too bad, he had the prerequisites of being a good printer … I’ll go elsewhere, if one day I’ll get back my money.


And now, after 5 minutes my order was canceled, so I was right in saying that the printer purchased did not even exist.

Very bad service, shame

Thank you

When things are right, it is right to say them.
The reimbursement has already been done, this is very correct by Cetus


For reference: I ordered in late December knowing that the MkII extended was on backorder. My order showed as 'pending' for a long time until I emailed them and they finally changed it to 'processed'.

After that I heard absolutely nothing about it until the day it actually arrived, and on the same day it was finally marked as 'dispatched'...

Cetus people: it would be so much nicer to see things happening with an order more often. It should be like this:

'pending' until you have taken the money and accepted the order

'processed' from then until the printer is in stock and in your warehouse - ideally with an expected dispatch date

'dispatched' as soon as you have packed and shipped it

'delivered' when the shipper tells you it has been delivered.

People would feel a lot happier that things were actually happening then.

The printer is awesome, everything I hoped it would be. But you aren't getting your customer service right yet. 

I also ordered my Cetus on back order, so the lead time was long and in the end i got impatient. No word from Tiertime and no status update on my order. But i decided to wait patiently until the indicated shipping date on the "shipping info" and sure enough on the last day of the indicated window I got a notification from DHL. 

So there you are, no "your printer is coming soon, everything's going well" message. Just the printer. In time.

BTW i ordered my printer one day before the Christmas discount was announced. I contacted service and they immediately applied the discount. I thought that was pretty cool of them.

Hey Kuifje, 

Hoe lang duurde het in totaal voordat je de printer binnen kreeg? 

English: How long did it take before you received the printer?