Bad layers-New to the Cetus printer


I am new to 3d printing, and just got the cetus printer, but have some trouble gettiing good prints, ow muh bout prnt settings

I am trying to print this smoke ring for my son, but cant get a good print,

IMG_20180118_125506ny50.jpgIMG_20180118_125521 go.jpg

Nozzle 4

Layer 2.0


the standard


But in advanced, i can shift between layers top and low and so, will that improve the print-if i shift something in advanced.




The larger ring would benefit from being printed as a verticle cylinder but that would scupper whatever that small tab bit is.

The stringing is normally a sign that the extruder is running a bit hot for your filament too.


Recomended pla is 195 , i did print this at 230