Auto levelling sensor lost its pad

I have bought another sensor for the auto levelling at 38EUR. I have used the sensor for about 3 months and it has lost one side of the metal round pad so it no longer works. I am disappointed the part is so expensive to replace and is so delicate. While I wait for the part to be delivered - I disassembled the old sensor and removed the 2 wire ‘ribbon/pad’ … can this pad/ribbon be bought separately please? Where do you get them from, please Cetus? If you manufacture them yourselves, then why not offer them as spares?

If you can post photos, perhaps we can identify if it can be ordered elsewhere.

I found this from Aliexpress…

Hey Arnold thanks for the link. Which one is suitable (there is more than one option for type of printer) also, can I remove the ‘ring’ as the Cetus one does not have ones, just the foils…

It’s only one product, a membrane switch, the adaptors (or rings) are not really needed.