Auto-Leveling Probe Not Functioning


I just purchased and installed the auto-leveling probe on my Cetus Mk3 extended. I hooked up everything as shown in the manual, and I went to run the auto-leveling in UP Studio and it worked when I touched the probe, however, when it went down and hits the bed for the first of the 9 points it just stops upon touching the bed and sends back the error message “Failed to get printer idle state”. Do you know how I can get the probe to function properly?

Hi Jbui888,

Did you resolve this. I’m having the exact same error. It hits the platform, knocks and then dies crashing the printer.

Was your probe damaged?


I am having the same issue and same error message, it would be great to get some action on this as the extension kit wasn’t cheap and it is a shame to have such a useful feature go unused.