Auto Level Probe Detection Error

I’ve recently purchased the heated bed and auto levelling features for the Cetus MKIII

When I’ve come to test the Auto Levelling feature I press the button in calibration and it asks me to touch the sensor.

I touch the sensor to the nozzle and nothing happens.

Instead I get the following error after about 20-30 seconds:

Error: Failed to Detect Calibration Probe.

I’ve checked the ribbon cables and all seems well, the extension board is passing power from the official power supply into the main unit.

I’m wondering if I’ve got something hooked up wrong or some duff components :confused:

Got the same error. Did you ever get a reply from these …people?
Awful customer support. Love my printer but i would have bought another brand knowing how bad their support is.

Do you have the original extruder guard on your unit? If so print out the version 2 one as it’s smaller. Try replacing the old bigger one with the smaller one and repeat the test.

That was one of the things that was causing me issues.

take apart the calibration probe, one of my wires inside came unsoldered and wasn’t making a connection