ASA filament

Has anyone printed with ASA yet?  Even on another printer?

I have printed ASA but not on the Cetus. I don't have a heated bed on my Cetus. Seeing as the only enclosed printer with a bed capable of 90 degrees is the Trinus, I gave it a go. Printed pretty nicely.

RetoZwahlen 2017-9-19 16:40 edit

i just trying to get a result with this filament. still yet no success. always less hot or to hot. very difficult when i have different thick areas in the part. 

did you have any succes in the last time?

I have tried printing ASA filament on the printer, had to add an extra power supply to get the heated bed to around 90 to 100 C and build and exclosure, but I still get cracking and warping. I think my problem is with the fan being always on 100 power, it needs to be between 25 to 45 percent when it prints to avoid warping. I have ordered a variable power controller and once I get it in, am going to install it to the fan and retry. hopefully it wont warp or crack anymore when printing.

On a side note, the ASA filament with the temp I have to print at, ruins the printer heads, cant use them for anything but ASA after they have had the material go through it.