Are they going to fix wifi?

I like my cetus but the software and firmware leaves a tremendous amount to be desired.  I would much rather use a 3rd party slicer to slice my designs as they are infinitely better.  Also, I amazed that Cetus was able to write a program which is able to create a drop down list of wifi access points the excludes the closest access point every time!  Must be the same genius that decided not to give an option to enter the ssid manually.  This issue needs to be fixed as wireless is useless the way it is now.

My thoughts exactly with the Cetus. Upon arrival, I had put my Cetus through quite a good bit of printing. But...I came to remember why I was so happy when I moved my other 3D printer into the basement. Ahhh...peace and quiet at last!

After a few weeks of printing on my desk, I have moved the Cetus to the basement as well. So now my Cetus is on the workbench where it will sit unused until there is either an improvement to the Wi-Fi scanning or a way to manually enter the IP address of my Cetus.

Sounds like my issue is a bit different. I have managed to get my Cetus on my wireless network; it's just that my PC cannot see the Cetus. I can ping it all day long (well, not any more now that it's off in the basement).