Are my motor alignments normal?

Dave3D 2017-2-2 23:38 edit

After unpacking my cetus3d from its box, I've noticed the motor on the extruder axis is 'bent' and on that axis and the z axis the belt alignment looks to be to the edge of the drive gear.

Is this 'normal' compared to others printers??



1: Bent is not normal.

2: On my printer I notice the same in terms of the belt not 100% on the gear but it works fine for now

Mine was also bent, and the pulley at the other end of that axis had been broken off in transit I assume. After I re-glued the pulley, I bent the mounting plate straight - I assumed that it wasn't supposed to be like that

Mine was also slightly bent (tension maybe?). I printed and mounted this and put a screw in to adjust and it is as straight as can be now. (design not by me)

Thanks, for the replies.  Ready other posts seems this a possible shipping issue. Some worse thn mine!

I have to managed to gently bend it back. Not something I was happy doing!

btw. Is there a why to get noticed of replies to a post I make?

My box had a hole and inside there was a bent Y-axis motor bracket. The holder for the endstop was also broken, I had to bend the bracket back almost in line and loosen the endstop holder to carefully put it back into place, I hope that it will hold until I manages to print a replacement!