Any plans for direct G-Code communication?

<p>Hello.</p><p>Is there any plan for direct G-Code sending without need of printing software? I know the possibility to send G-Code from software, but when it needs feedback (eg. material height leveling sensor readout etc.) then this is tedious work to broke the code into pieces ran one by one.</p><p>The UP3D project on GitHub, which possibly has commandline uploader (with some early Cetus support), could be kind of way. But it would be really nice if eg. there’s possibility to send text G-Code over network socket (or dedicated USB endpoint), query completition status and continue by next one. That way Cetus will became full feature precise hobbyist CNC machine. If that’s not planned, it would be great if at least G-Code related transfer protocol (implemented by printing software) could be published.</p><p>Native G-Code CPU is an option, but on other hand I like cetus software 3D printing performance and easiness, without fiddling with printing profiles, speeds etc. </p><p>With kind regards - and hopes ;-)</p><p> Tomas</p>