Any first-gen Users still out there?

Hi 1st Gen Mini owners,

I bought the Up Mini ~10 years ago, just to place it on the shelf after printing a view Lego parts.
Now that I have a couple of children around in my Family I reactivated it and since it prints quite well, I am not planning to replace it.

I am currently using the latest version of Up Studio 3 and am curious, if there are others of you out there, still printing with the mini. If so, please feel free to write down some best practices or recommendations to maximize other Mini users’ experience.

I did the simple heat bed upgrade by soldering a 90° thermostat onto the board (which can be found googling ksd-01f d90).
I am currently printing with PETG quite well after figuring out that I need to let the doors open to prevent heat creep.

I don’t think the part sub settings works for the mini, which is sad, because I would love to increase the first layers temperature to get rid of the raft.
Does anyone know if retraction is supported on the up mini? I feel like whatever I set up regarding retraction, nothing really changed.

Currently, since the latest Upstudio3 version is in beta state and already 1 year old (2022-11-06), I wonder if anyone was able to control the mini using other slicers out there, I know it supports GCode, so I guess it might be possible.
Alternatively, if anyone from Tiertime reads this, can you please give us a quick statement about the current development of a stable version of Upstudio 3 (Soda)?

I am happy to collect all of your insights for further readers, also if you stumble over this within the next few years :wink:
Thanks in advance,

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Me! I am a UP mini 1st gen user - still.
I got mine in 2012, I think. Been using it for all my 3D printing ever since.
I still use the UP Studio software.
I couldn’t get UP Studio 3 to connect to the UP mini 1.
I’ve always used ABS, and this week is the first time I have tried PLA !

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Thanks for your response! I heard that from others already, but I had no issues connecting it.
Are you using any modifications on your printer?
I just talked to the creator of this print head adjustment, and he told me I can use the existing plugs to add another fan, which will be useful for my PETG prints I guess.

Meanwhile, I stumbled over a new bug in the current Up Studio 3 version, where Extruder height adjustments are not applied to the print but only to the first line (clearing the nozzle before printing) :slightly_frowning_face:
Maybe I’ll use Wand to do some height adjustments when needed.

Also, I am looking for some printing plate alternatives since the shipped ones are way too soft and I have some major z-axis differences which leads to problems with the first layer sometimes.

I have just started using mine again. I bought it 10-12 years ago and used it a bit in first 6 months then not much since.
My son is getting into creating things. I just tried PLA for the first time and have produced the best prints I have made so far, but the printer stopped extruding just before printing the last two pieces of the build.

I have no idea what to do about cleaning/servicing it, so would welcome any advice.