Amazing results with flexible filament

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For anyone looking to print using a flexible material, I have had really great results with this stuff:

GP3D Elastic 3D Printer Filament Natural Color

I used a custom material setting of 216 degrees and it works really well.  I run the standard 0.4mm nozzle, "fine" print setting, 0.20mm layer thickness, NO RAFT.  The raft only takes up time and material.  The part peels off the platform with ease and no tool required.  So happy with it.

I could not get the Trinus printer to even get one layer out with this material after numerous attempts.  This printer is amazing.

How did you reduce the print speed of your cetus?

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How did you reduce the print speed of your cetus?[/quote]

You can do it by using gcode, or under the print settings select fine as the speed and it will slow it down.

I actually did not have to do anything special.  I just selected "fine" print and checked the box for "no raft".  I have since had luck with the larger nozzle and other flexible and elastic materials. 

I purchased this filament from Amazon and it will not pull through- I measured it with a digital calliper and it was 1.21mm not the advertised 1.75mm - the extruder just doesn't grip onto it.


whoa that is weird.  I actually never measured my filament but I will tomorrow.  I did not have the slightest of problems with it pulling through when I used it.  I have made a few parts with it now for work, each time successful.  Maybe you got a bad batch...?

Anyone else having good luck with flexible materials, other than the OP?

I have pretty good result with polymaker polyflex, but it is quite expensive stuff.

Cetus can print it with 0.4mm nozzle at 230C with very robust performance.

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I had outstanding performances with Filoalfa TPU filament.The white one is Bioflex 27, printed @ 240 …[/quote]

How much infill did u use? I print a cylinder with TPE88 filament with 0.4nozzel ;0.2mm layer and 80% infill on fine speed.  The cylinder it s a little flexible but very hard.

Guys, what should be the thickness of the layer?

Probably just sex toys…

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what he said :point_up_2:

Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated nor do I participate in such uses for flexible filament, my comment is for comedic purposes only…please print responsibly :laughing:

I’ve had good results with inland TPU+ available from microcenter. No fan, no heated bed.