Add more profiles/shells/walls/perimeters to UP Studio

Please add the ability to add more profiles/shells/walls/perimeters in UP Studio. This is a basic function in all other slicers. Would help get stronger parts. Please and Thank You.


I agree. This would be excellent to see in the material profile options at least.

I would be nice if we could control the number of perimeters at all states of the print. -e.g 3 perimeters On the top and bottom layers rather than one.
I know that Studio will slice with a single bottom and top perimeter, presumably for ascetic reasons on the part. But I would be nice to implement the basic option to change the overall number of perimeters to something like three for example everywhere. This would satisfy the basic needs of users who have had experience already from any kind of FDM printer.

@Jason-TT let me know what you think about this. Is this a feature that’s reserved for Catfish use only?

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Please use Catfish to set number of perimeters. UP Studio will remain a basic easy to use software but future new functions will put into Catfish-Wand package.

That’s disappointing. Number of perimeters is a basic setting on all slicers.

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Then use Catfish 1.2.6, it is perfectly usable now.

Hi Jason, I understand your reasoning here for directing people to Catfish.

I would however recommend that the software team work on adding this into UP Studio on the side though.
I think a lot of users find themselves a bit surprised when they don’t see this option.
Adding this will certainly help to complete UP Studio as a single package program rather than having to jump to Catfish when wanting to adjust what people will think is pretty basic.

Moving to a different topic here, what new features are the software team working on long term for UP Studio and Catfish slicers?

while I applaud the efforts made with Catfish, saying its perfectly usable when it finishes the print without turning of the heat to the printhead and moving it out of the way of the finished print is a bit too much of a stretch that I’ll let it slide.

on most other areas I would wholeheartedly agree that catfish is usable, if not perfect - or maybe its different for different printers? up mini 2 still needs some attention to details at least.

Choose between good bottom, or good top seems to be the deal. UP_Studio_x64_2.6.33.627 to the left, Catfish 1.2.6 to the right.

That’s weird that Catfish behaves strangely with your UP Mini 2. I’ve been using it exclusively with my upgraded UP Box and have had no problems at all. The prints end fine just like in Studio 2.6.

I assume you’ve got the correct machine selected in Catfish? Try sending the TSK file through UP Studio and see if that helps.

Restore your bottom flow rate in Catfish to 0.8 and for ABS try a Bond Strength factor of 25%.

The latest Studio update finally deals with the gaps we were all getting between top layers and perimeter shells by the way. Go into UP Studio and edit your material if you’re using 3rd party ABS or PLA, change the joint size is 0.2, and the overlap to 0.5 which seems to be the best value through my testing with 3rd party ABS.