ABS with PLA Extruder - why wouldn't I?

I have more success with the UP BOX than failures, it is a fine machine so I guess others have problems interpreting the limited pidgin english instructions - think chinese flat pack!

So, not being able to make any sense of the variety of extruder models and versions (PLA & ABS in particular) I was not going to speculatively spend out just to try ABS.

The trick to avoid warping was to disconnect the material (top) fan and wait until the bed temperature was stable. I always pre-heat the bed but with PLA it is ready when I am but ABS needs a hotter temperature so it takes a while longer.

I printed a 170x60x3mm piece that previously started warping from a corner a few layers into the model; a second attempt with the duct “switch” open resulted in a smaller warp many more layers on.