ABS (TT) Filament Change Print Quality Issue


I just recently changed an empty spool of TT ABS with a new spool.

Nothing about the process of printing seems different, but the quality of the 1st print after changing the spool is awful. The print is supposed to be square on all sides, and as you can see in the pic, it’s wavy and lumpy. All the settings are the same from before I chanced the spool. Any ideas?

Bad Print

Might be a bad roll of filament.

If all things are the same as before with the last roll, I’d try a different roll of filament as the first step… Or even if you have the remains of the first roll, put that back in and try it.

I got some brand new rolls of filament recently that were garbage. I put them aside to print unimportant items, like spool adapters and the like where finish isn’t important.

Also, just check what’s written on the side of the roll, and which print head you have installed. I’ve almost put PLA into the ABS head and settings before once before I paid more attention to what was written. I don’t know what it would have come out like, but I can’t imagine it would have been good.