Hi, guys!Planning to get a Cetus soon, on the site Cetus3D says that it can print ABS filament, however, I've seen maker's muse commenting that it can't print ABS filament, also seeing that it does not have a heated plate can it truly print ABS filaments? Thank you!!

It can* print ABS filament. 

*While it can physically melt ABS filament and print it on to the print bed, it's not ideal for printing in ABS because it does not have an enclosure or heated build plate currently. You would likely see warping on anything bigger than a Benchy. 

Oh, I see Thanks for the fast reply!!Great community :)... However, is there any other ways of printing it in ABS filament without it warping like extra modifications that can be externally added?? other than custom building an enclosure? Really wish it could print with ABS :/, also are there any other alternative for PLA filaments to replace the strength, flexibility, machinability? :/  Thank you!!!!

I think 2017 is the year of stronger PLA blends that allow you to get a print similar in strength to ABS prints without the hazardous fumes and warp-prone printing. Also I hear PETG is strong but doesn't flex.

Makergeeks has their Raptor PLA

Polyalchemy has their Elixir PLA Blend

eSun has PLA+

I'm sure there are others but that's just off the top of my head. I have a roll of the Makergeeks Raptor PLA but haven't tried it yet.

I print with ABS and the final result are amazing, i don't have this results with my prusa i3 with heated build plate!!

see the image, is ABSIMG_6914.JPGIMG_6915.JPG

printe in ABS 17467494_10208587679909044_317332636_n.jpg