ABS extruder update

I finally got the X5 to print ABS reliably. Basically the stock extruder is really bad with ABS and so you need to replace the hot end.

I ended up buying the replacement extruder, but it ended up being the same exact PLA extruder except with the letters ABS on the outer cover. I didn’t want to ruin that extruder, so I ended up cannibalizing one of my extruders from an Up Plus 2. The hot end fit perfectly and the X5 has been printing very well.

I contacted my reseller for a new hot end because I need the thin, black metal spacer that goes in the hot end but he wasn’t able to get it for me. So Tiertime, are you able to send me a new hot end with the black metal spacer so I can start using my Up Plus 2 again?

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