3rd Party Filament

Finally have a new computer that allows me to mess with the custom material profiles, but thats besides the point.

With the Hardened steel .4mm nozzle I have successfully gotten M3D’s PET Carbon to print with awesome results on my UP Mini 2 ES (more than happy to share my settings).

On the down side, ive been messing with trying to get some hatchbox ABS to print for the last 2 hours and seems no matter what I do, i cannot seem to get it to print. Nozzle just jams after printing for about 5 seconds or so and thats as far as i get.

Can you measure the diameter? Could be it’s a bit too thick or too small, in my experience a tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm is required.

1.73mm exactly. measured in multiple spots

That’s very good. Then maybe it is not compatible after all although I think that is rare for ABS. I did have lots of problems with PLA and filled materials.

Did you use the steel nozzle with the ABS? I read somewhere that could give more friction. Also try a lower platform/nozzle height for less back pressure and check if the plastic part with the little bearing on the print head motor gear is on tight. You could use some super glue carefully to retighten it.

finally got it figured out. was printing too hot no matter what temps i tried. finally got it printing like a dream just a tad below manufacturer recommended specs