.2mm nozzle works well

BlueDinos 2017-1-30 02:25 edit

Hey guys,

Finally got to test out the .2mm nozzle at .07mm layer height. I think it works really well and the details are amazing for an FDM printer. Only issue I have is that the raft layer was outputting plastic too much which causes clicking/popping. Once the first layer was done it printed fine with no issues. Even though I normally print at 190c with this material, I printed it at 200c to help alleviate the pressure a bit. Here is a test print. You can see all of his toes and fingers. This facial feature can also be seen in person, but my iphone cant get that close to capture more details.

In the mean time I've put back the .4mm nozzle and hope that Cedus's software will be updated soon. Thanks!