.2mm nozzle motor clicking

So I'm getting a skipping noise when using my .2mm nozzle, it is basically clicking and I can see the extruder gear drive sort of studdering. I've tried adjusting the nozzle temperature, and nozzle height. Not sure where to go from here, and I don't see any place I can adjust the speed of the extruder. Has anyone else had this issue, and is there a forum search feature that I'm missing?

I just noticed this too. I suspect the extruder is just trying to push more filament through that small nozzle than it can.

i was able to successfully print with the .2mm at .07mm yaler height. i do agree that the settings needs an update. basically the raft was pushing out so much filaments that the nozzle could not keep up which makes the extruder pop. once the bottom raft layer was done it no longer pops and peinted normally. I also increased the temp to help with the pressure caused by the .2mm nozzle.

I wasn't trying 0.2mm, but I managed to make a white filament click at 0.4mm during the raft. Fidgetting with the tube, it did stop. I'm not sure if I had anything to do with it stopping though. 

How were you able to increase your temp? I'm having htis issue with the .4 nozzle

Go to the Maintenance screen where you have Extrude and Withdraw. Click on Material and select Customized. You can add your own material profiles there and select the temperature you want.

I suppose the way to avoid the clicking while printing a raft with the 0.2 nozzle is to just not print a raft at all.

Thanks, raising the temp fixed the problem immediately.

Printing on fine rather than normal can also help.  It slows everything down.

Also raising the temp may or may not be agood idea depending on the filament. If the filament rusn too hot it could be too stringy or over extrude. Like Trgregg says slowing down the print will help. Also if your nozzle is too close to the bed, it will click. Even the 210c default PLA temp I feel is too high so I only use 200c with the tiertime filaments. I'm also print Esunfilament at 190c.