.2mm nozzle @.05mm layer height with Simplify3D - Almost perfect print!

BlueDinos 2017-3-14 07:35 edit

Printed great with no popping or clicking. The raft came out nice also especially with more controls with Simplify3D. Hope you guys can see the potential of the Cetus3D printer. It would be nice if the Cetus Studio will give us more controls, but as of now S3D is still the best.


BlueDinos 2017-3-14 01:27 edit

The picture doesn't do the print justice because it's a bit shiny so it's hard to see certain details. Look at the text PB, it's clear and easy to read, considering how tiny the letters are. Also all his teeth came out perfectly. I love the Cetus and Simplify3D what a great combination! Also I'm using coasting instead of wipping to control blobs and zipper seems, that problem is nonexistent now with S3D.

Woud you share the setting?

Not a problem! Settings are below:

Nozzle Diameter - .2mm

Extrusion Multiplier - 21

Extrusion Width - .24 (standard 20% larger than nozzle diameter)

Retraction Distance - 40mm

Retraction Speed - 8000mm/s

Coasting - 1mm

Wipe Nozzle - off (can still do 3mm-5mm for .4mm anf .6mm)

Layer Height - .05mm

Top Layer - 6

Bottom Layer - 5

Outline/shell - 3

First Layer Height - 90% will help stick to plate better

First Layer Width - 120% - will help stick to plate better

First Layer Speed - 40% - will help stick to plate better

Raft Layers - 5 (makes it easier to separate in one piece since it's so thin)

Raft offset - 1mm

Separation Distance - .15mm

Raft Fill - 100% (again this helps make it easier to pull the print off)

Infill - 10%

Outline Overlap - 25% will make sure it sticks to the walls properly

Infill Width - 115% - helps keep the infills mroe stable and solid

Minimum Length - 1mm I like to have infill even in smaller areas just in case

Temp - 205 first layer

          - 196 for all otherr layers

Fan default 100%

Print speed - 30mm/s Better for detailed models and to prevent under extrusion

Outline - 60%

Solid 80%

Support - 80%

Movement speed - 150mms

Z Movement speed - 16.7mms

Filament diameter 1.72mm I always tell people that it's important to measure the thickness for your filament in 3 spots then average them to get a final number. just putting                                             1.75 may not give you accurate extrusion. Even if they say +or - .05mm it's not always the case.

Allow Perimeter overlap - 30% This will help in areas that it's too thing to fill but too thick to consider a thin wall. 20% - 30% is usually what I always use.

PS: I set my Z offset to be about .5mm from the plate, then use the first layer height % to adjust if it's too far from the plate.

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]BlueDinos post at 2017-3-14 04:37[/color][/size]
Not a problem! Settings are below:Nozzle Diameter - .2mmExtrusion Multiplier - 21Extrusion Width - . …[/quote]

Merci :-)


Could you share your settings for .4 nozzle?


How do you stop your printer when you need? (Initialize button?) if blackout you can do nothing?

Why are your retraction settings so huge ?

You tried and really had to go so far?

Many thanks!

@vinceg3 It's becaus the way the Cetus Gcode translator works. putting a normal 2mm for distance and maybe 80mm/s for speed when translated will not move at all. So tahts why the numbers needed to compensate the way the the motor is set up in the firmware. I believe  25mm translated to 2.5mm and 8000mm/s translate to 80mm/s. probably not 100% accurate but thats the ratios needed to make it work as normal.

Also if you've noticed the extrusion multiplier normally should be .90 - 1.00 but it has to be at least 20 (I put 21)...which is like 2000%.