0.2mm Nozzle Problem

I changed the New 0.2 nozzle on the cetus 3d printer, And "Extrude" the PLA, The extruder is give clicking sound when I try to extrude.  It look like blocked.

Please reply ASAP because I already sent this question by email 10 days ago but still haven't got answer.

The nozzle must be blocked and need to clean. 

@designnprint you could give the "cold pull" method a try. Here's a general description:


Now obviously the Cetus does not have the lever mentioned in this article, so instead you'll have to (carefully!) remove the extruder wheel cover to freely access the filament.

Also see my description in this other forum thread: https://www.cetus3d.com/community/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=297