0.2 nozzle issues, Simplify3D the answer?

I’ve been unable to use the 0.2 nozzle for fine (small) items due to the support not adhering to the raft issue (reported elsewhere). I’ve tried different raft and temperature settings without success.


I wonder if different slicing software is the answer. Something like Simplify3D with its seemingly infinite number of tweaking options. Or am I just heading down a software rat hole and am I better off settlign on the 0.4 nozzle with a bit of micro sanding and filing as a logical step in the production small items?


Opinions welcome.


have you tried increase the support angle and readjust nozzle height value?

When switch from 0.4 to 0.2mm nozzle, you may need to increase the nozzle height value a little bit.


Hi Jason,

Yes, I've tried reducing the distance between the nozzle and build plate, but the success rate with the support to raft adhesion using the 0.2 is still inconsistent.

I am getting good results with the 0.4 nozzle now though - even with small parts. They require some work afterwards, but so far I can live with that.


Still very inconsistent results - usually a failure. Support structures are not adhering to rafts or build plate when using 0.2 nozzle. Have tried various support angles and temperatures. Can you please provide more specific advice on exactly what settings to try based on your experience?


Pritt Stick is the answer. I had exactly the same problem, and a smear of Pritt over the area the raft sits on fixed it. When you are done, a warm wet cloth will remove the rest of the Pritt.