0.1 mm Printing issues

Hey fellow Cetizens !

I have been a very happy and content user of my Cetus printer and am very thankful to the extremely accommodating

customer service of the Cetus 3D team, so I hope this issue can be resolved quickly. I am currently working on a project to reproduce

the cover of my smartphone to modify it and I have come pretty close on the modes now.

The prints fit on the device as well,

the only problem is that the 0.1 mm prints I do to fit the model even at an infill rate of 99% look like a strainer and the walls are made up

of an inside and an outside part with nothing in between, so they are very tender. I would really like the prints to be fully robust and solid.

The thickness of the walls and the Backplate is 1mm.

I have printed the cover in 0.07 as well and in that size everything came out nice and solid, so I really think it's a software issue.

I would prefer to print in .1mm though.

I hope some people know what I'm talking about and some one has any idea on what to do. I would be very thankful !



The path width of 0.1mm layerthick is about 0.3mm, so the gap of wall is 0.4mm, it can't be filled.

The width will be adjustable in the next version of Cetus3D.