Up Studio Material Profiles

I just installed the latest Up Studio to run my Up Box+. I only see an Import option in the “Customized” material profile. Shouldn’t there be an “Add” option, or do we now have to import a .fmd file that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere? All I want to do is change the nozzle and bed temperatures to run some Hatchbox ABS. Why does this have to be so complicated?

Hello @motoyoyo. That’s a strange issue, are you sure you’re running the very latest version and not an older one? What OS is your version of UP Studio installed on? The material editor to my knowledge only works on Windows and as of the most recent update, macOS.

If you’re having trouble using the new easy-to-use material editor, check out my step-by-step here:

Thanks jimmy44033, I would have never figured that out without your help. This is not intuitive in the slightest bit. Why is this not in the official UP Studio documentation? I have been using an UP Plus 2 for the past 6 years and always appreciated it’s ability to print ABS. I found the original Up Studio software unnecessarily confusing at that time as well and have stuck with the old software for that machine all this time. When I recently had the opportunity to pick up a new UP Box+ for larger ABS prints, I just figured six years should be enough time for UP Studio to have been sorted out. I love the printing results from this software, but find it very non intuitive to say the least. Thanks again.

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